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Vehicle Commander

The Vehicle Commander is a great example of something that I wanted but could not buy... On-Star®
I own a Dodge Caravan and Dodge does not offer an On-Star® type system, plus my van is a 94" and no one offers an On-Star® type system for older vehicles. I did have a keyless entry system installed... but if you lock your keys in the car, the remote is on the key chain. So the remole is locked in as well. 
The Vehicle Commander does not rely on a remote of any kind... you just call your vehicle using any phone, cell phone or land line. Just like calling voice mail, or any other automated system, you enter a pin number, then you can command you vehicle to do what ever you want. Unlock the doors, honk the horn, shut off the lights, disable the vehicle if is stolen. Control anything in your vehical with you cell phone.



Here is the basic operation: 
Say you lock the keys in your vehicle... 

  1. Find a phone, any phone, cell phone or land line from anywhere 
    You can call your vehicle from any phone, cell or land line, from your home or the restaurant you just left. 

  2. Call your vehicle 
    The Vehicle Commander is the link that connects your vehicle to a cell phone you supply. This can be a pre-pay phone or just add a line to your currant cell plan (mine was $10 a month and I got the phone for free) 

  3. Enter your access code 
    You can set up an access code so no one else can access your vehicles systems.

  4. Enter the unlock code for the doors
    The  Vehicle Commander can perform several function on your vehicle, you will set up a code for each one. See the list below of what people are controlling with their Vehicle Commander


Here is how it works

You will have to supply a cell phone. The Vehicle Commander  connects to a cell phone, and acts as the link between the cell phone and your vehicle. You will not have to disassemble the cell phone at all. The cell phone can be taken out at any time and used. But if you do that the Vehicle Commander will not work.

The plans show you how to assemble several different "off the shelf" parts and then connect it all to your vehicle. All the kits come complete for each stage of the project. These are "off the shelf" kits, they are designed to work on there own. The plans show you how to assemble them in to the Vehicle Commander system. The Stages of the Vehicle Commander system include: Decode kit, security kits, interface kits. You will need: wire, solder, soldering iron, and basic hand tools. There is no programming involved. You assemble the kits and wire them together to make the Vehicle Commander.

There are several different ways to connect the Vehicle Commander to your vehicle. I like the "no wires" approach. I connected  the  Vehicle Commander to an extra keyless remote I had for my vehicle. This way I did not have to mess with the wiring in my vehicle. The first Vehicle Commander I built could be moved to a different vehicle. I just changed the remote. The limitation is that I can only control what is on the remote...  

Here is some of the things you could do with your C.Y.A... 
unlock doors, lock doors, honk horn, turn on fog lights, turn on radio, control those hydraulic shocks and make your ride jump up and down!  
As for security...
The C.Y.A can shout off your lights, (if you leave them on)  Cut power to the engine (if someone steals your car) flash the lights and honk the horn so you can find it in the parking lot. Basically anything you can turn on or off in the vehicle you can control with the C.Y.A. 

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