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About Off The Shelf

I built this site to sell my ideas. I have built several different projects that I have made plans for. Most of the projects listed here were built as an inexpensive alterative to something I wanted.

E-mail support is available for the "how to" part of ALL the plans... The kits or products used have there own support available.   Most of the time you will not have to disassemble the products. Some times you will, this will void most warranties. I will tell you in the description if your going to take something apart. If you have questions e-mail me before you buy. All the kits and products used in the plans are available. Each set of plans has a list of where I bought the parts. If you can't find something, e-mail me. I don't sell plans that can't be built. 

We are located near La Crosse, WI if you want to chat or share you ideas just e-mail me.